Names of Patriarchs tell a story

We are encouraged to search the scriptures to find the truth.   A search of the Biblical patriarchs (the first 10) gives us a prophecy of Christ to come.   This sets the bar really high for inspired Scripture. 

Can other books even compare to this standard?  If they are Divinely inspired, then they will meet the criteria with ease.

Let’s look at an unfamiliar work called the “book of mormon”.  We have a little genealogy given at its preface before chapter one.

It is thus:

Lehi – Laman – Lemuel – Sam – Nephi

We must understand that the writer claims Lehi has “great knowledge” in the language of his father.  If they were residents of Jerusalem and priests, then it would no doubt be Hebrew.

Being first generation from Jerusalem these names would have to be from the Hebrew language.  Only problem is, the “names” Laman and Lemuel are prepositions in Hebrew.  It would be like naming your kids “According to” and “From”.  This seems highly unlikely, but we take the bait here to resolve the “message” of the patriarchs of the book of mormon.

In hebrew the root words are usually three letters with an “a” between each letter, vowel variations can change the meaning a little, but the root word always gives a fuller picture to the meaning.

In the example of Lehi, the root word would be LaHaH.

so Lehi means “jawbone” in Hebrew, which goes back to the root LaHaH (3856) which means to faint from thirst, as in a famine.

used in Genesis:

Gen 47:13    And there was no bread in all the land; for the famine was very sore, so that the land of Egypt and all the land of Canaan fainted 3856 by reason of the famine.

Prov 26:18 As a mad 3856 [Lehi] man who casteth firebrands, arrows, and death,

Prov 26:19 So is the man that deceiveth his neighbour, and saith, Am not I in sport?

Lehi – Laman (4616) – Lemuel(4136) – Sam – Nephi

To Faint – for the sake of (4616)- the presence of (4136) – the image of jealousy (turning from the true way) – to the LIE

Sam : Semel in Hebrew 5566 image, figure of the statue of jealousy

or Simel – 8041 take the left, from the true way

Note this is not SamuEL, which is pronounced SHEMuel in Hebrew, and when shortened is never “sam” but Shem.  EL is also missing, which is part of Samuel’s name translated “heard of God”.

Nephi – the only correlation is Nephil, which is 5303 a bully or tyrant, a giant.  Nephi says several times he is big in stature, and he bullies his brothers around a lot in the first book.    Naphal – 5307 means to fall/LIE, Nephel (5309) means something fallen, i.e. an abortion.

Truly when the book  of mormon is held up the standard of the Bible, it falls miserably short of inspiration by God, unless he did guide the writer to give names that would reveal to us the truth of the book of mormon, which is that which is stated in the meanings of the Hebrew  names.

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